Different Type of Water Stops (External & Internal)


Ribbed with Bulb

Ribbed Design with Central Bulb Embedded in Concrete (Sectional View)

Dumbbell Design with bulb

Dumbbell Design with Central Bulb Embedded in Concrete (Sectional View)

Kicker Design Water bar

Kicker/Base Type with Web Bulb Embedded in Concrete (Sectional View)

General Queries Answered

What is the function of a typical Water stopper or Water Bar in a concrete structure?

Large Concrete Structure required Deep foundation for Stability and are constructed out of numerous pours for reducing pressure on prior built structure. This means complete structure would have multiple Cold Joints formed by consecutive pours.

These co formed joints can cause seepage of water, therefore Hydrophilic PVC Water Stops should be installed at every joint to make the structure water tight.


Why there is hole/bulb at centre in them?

The hollow centre bulb offers flexibility and elasticity necessary to handle extension and transverse movements across joints.


How to select best design for my building, there are many Designs/Thickness available?

Well, PVC Water stops are generally available in three types Ribbed, Dumbbell & Kicker.

Ribbed design is used in Expansion & contraction joints, where there is normal movement between membranes/layers & Water pressure acts on both sides.

Dumbbell is ideal where little or no movement is expected.

Kicker or Base seal are placed on outer surface to guard Fluid entering at the base or end.


What is the Lifespan of a typical water bar?

A genuine Product made of Virgin PVC compound have life comparable to that of the structure.


Why there is remarkable difference in Prises of them among different manufacturers?

Water stops are manufactured out of Poly vinyl Chloride extracted from Crude Oil & comes in powder form (called PVC Resin). In India very companies such as Reliance, Indian Oil produce them, few well known Overseas brand like LG ecports them as well.

The product manufactured from Fresh/Pure/Virgin PVC is expensive but is most Ideal for making Finish Goods. Some manufactures use Re-cycled PVC Granules which are off course cheap but can cause horrible effects on structure, thus be avoided.


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